Augustine's Hell

What would you do if slavery was never abolished?

Currently taking male/mistress/commoner applications.

[ Augustine opened on
June 16th, 2012. ]

hello beauties.

So, as anyone can see, there is very little activity going on here and with characters.

I have recently started another part-time job and I am clearly not doing well with managing my time, so I think it’s time for this RPG to take a break. I’m hoping that within a month, I’ll be able to come back, with new bios and such, and get this thing rolling again.

Until then, I don’t mind if you all RP with each other, or branch into 1x1s or whatever. All I ask is that if you play a canon character, that you do not take that character to a new RPG. I worked hard on these bios and they are all mine. Please be respectful. (But like I said, using it in a 1x1 is fine with me.)

I hope that everyone will want to come back when I reopen, because I love all you pretty people <3 You are great!


ps; I will be deleting the OOC blog soon~

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is this rp active?


Depends who you ask. It’s not incredibly active like it used to be since a lot of the players are on slight breaks due to school and family issues and stuff. But we would love new members to play with.

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Is Olivia Wilde free/acceptable as a FC? How would you feel about an OC lesbian mistress?


Olivia Wilde is taken and I am okay with a lesbian OC mistress =]

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Everyone wish Elisa a Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, my love! <3

She’s the best Admin ever, right?

Let us shower her with cake, confetti, love, happiness and unicorn tears. (Because those are happy :|)

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Elisa!!!

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So….I’m introducing myself again~

As Elisa said, I’m Jamie! I was an Admin on here before, but I had some crazy personal stuff go on and now that it is all sorted, I’m back!

Now, I’m definitely not Voldemort, but I do love Voldy gifs. They crack me up for some horrible reason and people’s reactions to them are just priceless. 

Anyway! I used to play Danielle Morris, but she is now retired since her and Connor sailed off into the sunset together to have a beautiful little family~ And don’t get Elisa started on them, because she’s a stalker and is in love with them even more than I am, I think :|

Now, I play Sara and I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things here~ If you all ever need anything, just let me know! 

And I have no idea who my gif FC will be on here yet, but we’ll see~

If Elisa’s cool with it and it doesn’t freak people out too much maybe I’ll use Voldy….

Love ya!

Jamie <3

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tomorrow is my birthday.

give me cake.

and love.

and apps.


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I'm having a little trouble getting your links to work. Is Amber Heard taken as a FC? I'd be interested in playing her as an OC mistress. Also, do you have a tag/link for your accepted apps and characters page? Thanks


Yeah, links seem to be messing up on Tumblr today. At least earlier they were! Amber Heard is taken, yes. And no, we do not publish the accepted apps!

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IDK if Jamie is going to introduce herself again (hi Jamie you should :3) but she was an admin before and now she’s back weee.

So I’ve set up promos in the queue for a few days so I’m hoping to attract new and active members! A lot of people who are inactive have told me about their absence, so that’s why I have’t reopned many roles. However please do unfollow these accounts:

  • x ]
  • x ]

Also, re-blogging pictures or anything like that is not playing your character and therefore will now be looked at when doing activity checks. (Unless of course, you’ve notified the main about being absent).

I will also start trying to be more active. I have been failing but pretty much my muse has gone away…so ugh. Help me catch it?

Stay excellent.


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